I'm a creative director located in Nashville, TN. I have experience in live production, marketing, and communications.

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📱 (325) 320-0268

📧 [email protected]

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✈️ Based in Nashville (BNA)

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🛠 Skills // Creative

👩🏻‍💻 Work experience

Creative Director/Producer

Craylor Media LLC, Nashville, TN

Aug 2021 - Present

Featured Work

This is a selection of work from during my time at Craylor Media, published to the Craylor Made YouTube Channel. Each of the examples below represent a project that I had an active part in ideating, scripting, directing, and graphic designing for.


<aside> 🔒 The BEST VPN in 2022? Ultimate VPN Comparison


130,000+ Views

Comparison video


<aside> 🖥️ Why the M1 Mac Mini is TRASH | My Honest Review


75,000+ Views

Review and opinion piece


<aside> 🔗 STOP Using Linktree! Use THESE Apps Instead


25,000+ Views

Review and opinion piece

Video Director/LED Tech

Integrated Production Solutions, Franklin, TN, Contractor

March 2022 - Present